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1 Week Program

5 Days a week

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Bespoke Programs

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1 Week Program
5 Days

Lessons across 5 days

Hour One: Language Learning

Hour Two: Immersive Experience in Liverpool

Bespoke Programs
Flexible around your stay
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Flexible programs to suit your stay

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Other Services

Looking for an internship in Liverpool? Need help with documents or simply want your English checking? Contact NSE

Internships and Application Checking Services
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*Our staff can help you find and apply for internships

*Multiple locations available

*Help with preparation and practice English before an interview

*Document Checking Service - We can check your English before you submit an application

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English conversational lessons available.

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If you would like to study and learn English in the UK, come to Liverpool! Our flexible immersion programs will help you develop your confidence using English through an unforgettable experience in a fantastic UK city.

For information about our international partnerships and links with universities, please contact the office on -X- or email us at